Step 1: Receive an account Key ID

First of all, if you’d like use the advantages of InstaGlow, you need to register. You can do this during choosing “Free plan” or “Pro plan” selection.

“Your website url” field will be assigned to use with Key ID.
If you already have registered website url and want to change it, as example from developing website version to production, you can do it easily by changing it on “My account” dashboard.

When you changed your website url, not needed to try activate again your Key ID

Step 2: Activation your account Key ID

Choose “Pro plan”, make purchase and once you’ll get confirmation message, you’ll receive email, which is contain your API key. Copy this Key, go back to your website InstaGlow plugin. Paste your Key to field and click “Submit Key”.

Your account Key is expired?

This message is appear when you date period is expired, you’ll have to visit our home page and buy “Pro plan” option, that’s it, no need to activate account Key again.